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  1. This course should take a high priority in your day as it is geared to help you grasp a firmer hold on God’s Word and to deepen your understanding of His will for your life
  2. Each session two new Scriptures should be memorized for a quiz at the beginning of each class
  3. Each study’s content and order of Scriptures should also be memorized for the quiz.
  4. Each student is required to memorize the names of all the books of the Bible.
  5. Sign up for the Good News Emails at by Session 2.
  6. Read Ron Harding’s History of the Spread of Christianity in Modern Times ( by Session 8.
  7. An outline of the book of Acts will be turned in by Session 11. Each student is required to memorize two points from each chapter in the book of Acts.

Outline of Classes

Session 1   Introduction and Seeking God
Session 2   The Word Of God
Session 3   Discipleship
Session 4   The Coming of the Kingdom
Session 5   Light and Darkness
Session 6   New Testament Conversion
Session 7   The Cross
Session 8   The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Session 9   The Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Session 10   The Church
Session 11   Acts 1 - 8
Session 12   Acts 9 - 15
Session 13   Acts 16 - 21
Session 14   Acts 21 - 28

Suggested Reading

These books are recommended as thought-provoking and informative tools to be used in gaining insights into God’s Word. In no way are they suggested to be Biblically correct on all doctrinal points.

The Five Love Languages - Chapman
The Master Plan of Evangelism - Coleman - Audio
The Tale of Three Kings - Edwards - Audio
Voice in the Wind - Rivers- Audio
The Disciplined Life - Taylor
Elevate - McKean

Overview of the Book of Acts

Sermon #1   Acts 1-8   Building A Great Church
Sermon #2   Acts 9-15   Forcefully Advancing The Kingdom
Sermon #3   Acts 16-21   Turning The World Upsidedown
Sermon #4   Acts 21-28   Evangelizing The World In A Generation  
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